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Private Jets in New York, NY

How to Charter a Plane to/from NYC

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The Big Apple. Empire City. The City That Never Sleeps. The Capital of the World. New York City is known by a lot of names.

It's the most diverse city in the world, and one of the most visited by travelers both domestically and internationally. New York offers commercial connections from every continent around the globe, however, it can take a day's worth of time to get there.

Flights from London take just over 8 hours to reach New York, and when you factor arriving early at the airport, passing through security, boarding, deboarding, taxi time, as well as possible delays - it can consume more than 12 hours of your day.

Even if you're flying across the country, you'll still spend most of your day waiting in line and sitting around. If you're a frequent first-class flyer, there's a better way to travel to/from New York City.

New York City Private Jet Charter Flights

When you charter a private flight to New York City, you get the entire aircraft for you and your friends, family, or coworkers. You get to choose your departure date & time, the airports you depart & arrive at, all while skipping the security lines at the airport.

In addition to saving time on the ground, you'll save time in the sky as well, with many business jets flying faster and higher than commercial airliners - many of the newest long-range jets reach speeds of up to Mach 0.925, or 710 mph.

New York is one of the most popular destinations in private aviation. Every day, hundreds of private jets and charter planes fly in and out of Teterboro Airport (IATA: TEB; ICAO: KTEB; FAA: KTEB), the main airport for private jets in New York, NY. The airport offers several private terminals, allowing celebrities, athletes, HNWIs and C-level executives to travel in the utmost discretion and anonymity.

Private flights can also arrive just north of NYC at Westchester County Airport (KHPN) in White Plains, NY, and Long Islanders looking to arrive on the island will land at Republic Airport (KFRG) in Farmingdale, NY.

How do I Rent a Plane to New York?

Many private jet owners, from individuals to corporate groups, place their aircraft on Part 135 charter to sell private flights on the plane while not in use. These planes are managed and operated by companies who markets the aircraft and sells flights on behalf of the owner.

While you can contact operators directly, they're limited to their own fleet, and beholden to owners. Charter brokers, on the other hands, have access to every private plane available for charter, including the fleets of every aircraft operator that you'll contact directly.

By requesting a quote from a jet charter broker, you're able to compare options from across the market, comparing apples to apples to find the best plane or best deal. They can also assist in arranging ground transportation, VIP catering, and other services to make your flight as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Things to Know Before Requesting a Quote

The cost to charter a private jet to/from New York will vary depending on where you're coming from, what planes are available that day, and several other factors. The type of plane used will be determined by the routing, passenger/baggage amounts, and other factors.

You should have the date & times (or time-frame) of your flight, the departure & arrival cities, passenger totals, baggage amounts, and any other special requests or accommodations that you'll need.

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